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The Coworking 15


Remember the Freshman 15? That weight you gain your freshman year of college when mom’s home-cooked meals are replaced with Top Ramen made in a coffee pot, 2 am drive-thru donuts, energy drinks and the 12-pack of Keystone Light that became your regular “date” to parties. I have good news! The Freshman 15 has rebirthed itself into the Coworking 15.

I have a coworker’s sister’s husband’s aunt hooking it up with the BEST homemade treats and I’ve been slamming ridiculous amounts of caffeine. Next thing you know, I’m feeling more sluggish than the day before, my sleep is irregular and my pants are tighter than I remember. 

Ya with me?! I’m no expert but have learned a thing or two about how we can take our pants back, one pound at a time.


First and foremost, WATER!

There are so many benefits of drinking water and staying hydrated. Your skin needs it, your mental clarity needs it, your organs need it. You just need it, okay?! We are made up of 70% water, which also means that we should be drinking half our body weight in ounces of water. Like most coworking spaces, here at Proximity Space, we keep the coffee flowing… It’s unlimited, it’s good and it’s free. As a result, you’ve been drinking coffee all day. The trick is to find a cup that gives you enough caffeine to drink in the morning, but not big enough to continue sipping it into noon. Find a ratio that works for you. Every cup of coffee is followed by two to three glasses of water. It’s all about finding the balance. Channel those inner college days and start chugging!


Stop sitting

It’s late afternoon and your back is starting to hurt, your foot is about to go numb and you haven’t moved since you walked in this morning. Do you have a sit-stand desk yet? If not, I would highly recommend looking into getting one. Set a timer, put an alarm on your phone, and stand at the top of every hour for 5-15 minutes. Also, taking a walk around the block is my favorite work tool. A long phone call? Take a walk. Want to catch up or get to know a coworker? Take a walk. Brain fog and stuck in your work? Take a walk. The air is refreshing, and you’re just racking up your step count. Some coworking spaces even host yoga classes or are located near a gym. Pro tip: Walk to the back to fill up your water bottle because you’ve been drinking so much!



My other favorite “F” word. When we’re not getting spoiled at work, my emergency snack drawer is pretty impressive. A bag of almonds, peanut butter packets, granola, KIND and cliff bars, trail mix, kale chips, oatmeal packets, LOTS of gum, protein powder, and two shaker bottles. Above all else, this is my EMERGENCY drawer for a reason. It has saved me from the times I’ve forgotten to pack meals or I am knee-deep in work and need to feed the brainpower. On days I do pack food, my meals and snacks are pretty healthy. Certainly, with lots of practice meal prepping, this has saved me time, money and the temptation of getting street tacos or Italian from the place down the road.


Finally, Take care of YOU.

This one is so very important! Stress is common in the workplace and can be the main cause of weight gain. Even if we drank our daily water, ate clean and exercised; our body will create cortisol from stress and knock us two steps back. 

Let me set the scene for you: You get tunnel vision on a project with a nearing deadline. Suddenly it’s 6:30 pm, you’ve been at your desk all day, haven’t eaten anything, not a sip of water and everyone has left.


This was an often occurrence for me. I found myself working at home after-hours and on weekends. Put the computer away, block off time for you and disconnect. Do something positive. Do something that makes you genuinely happy. Maybe that’s a bike ride on your favorite trail, being with your people or being alone.

You will not see immediate results and it’s not an overnight change. Take it step-by-step, a bottle of water at a time and your body will thank you. You can thank me later 🙂 

Happy coworking! 

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