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Meeting in a coworking meeting room


Community development is a funny thing. It’s exciting, scary, punishing, rewarding, slow and fast all at the same time. It’s also multidimensional—often there are multiple entities working towards the same or similar goals.

Here at Proximity Space in Montrose our community is more like a family! It’s a place where we not only care about the work we do, but the people that share the space here with us. It can be intimidating coming into a new space to work; new faces and a new layout. No need to be shy here, we’ll pull you right out of your shell and make you feel at home!

What makes this space so wonderful is the warm welcoming atmosphere and the large amount of smiles and hellos that come with it. It’s the amounts of laughter upstairs around the coffee pot in the morning and the friendly “see you tomorrow”s at the end of the day. But I could be here telling you how truly wonderful our space is, this is something you have to experience to believe it.


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